Early Childhood Education

Education needs to be a top priority. We need to advocate for strong local control of our community school districts. By allowing parents and teachers the ability to advocate more in our early childhood education, especially what age they start school, we are establishing a firm foundation for our children to build from. We must work together to create a strong, safe learning environment allowing our youth to focus and flourish for the future.

Trades Skill Programs

We need to have an increased emphasis on high school trade skills programs. Iowa, along with many other states are in desperate need of trade skills in our workforce. With approximately 60,000 jobs available between in the trade fields such as welding, electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers, etc, and the need is projected to increase by 9 to 14 % over the next 10 years. We need to focus our efforts on these programs as well. It will take collaboration between high schools, community colleges, and businesses/ local employers to accomplish this.



Agriculture is the backbone of District 80 and all of Iowa. With the aging population we must work together to protect our family farms ensuring they are sustainable, profitable, and able to be handed down to the next generation. We want the hard work, dedication, and pride that we value here in Southern Iowa to continue.


Economic Develope...

I understand the importance of economic development in our rural areas to ensure we continue to grow, develop, and build which will allow us to remain as prosperous communities. We need to support our private sector jobs, small businesses, and manufacturing companies of Southern Iowa. We must also encourage our entrepreneurs so that we can continue to develop new jobs for the people who live here.